First Page Power

If you are in the business of writing books, the power of the first page is nearly unparalleled. You may have crafted the most intricate plot with a incredibly compelling protagonist. Your writing may be allegoric, brilliant or downright beautiful. You could have a New York Times Bestseller on your hands. But none of that … More First Page Power

Write Your Truth

Two days ago I graduated from college with a degree in Creative Writing. I was also Pacific University’s 2019 Valedictorian. With the honor came the huge responsibility of giving a speech in front of thousands of people, providing insight and wisdom, along with a dash of humor, all in a 2-3 minute time frame. It … More Write Your Truth

Take What You Can

I have one professor who continually stresses the insight that can come from copying another authors work. Not copying and passing it off as your own; that’s plagiarism. What my professor urges us to do is to copy down one of their paragraphs or poems onto paper so that we can feel of how the … More Take What You Can